Auto-enrolment in PPK (Employee Capital Plans)

Employers have to inform employees about so-called re-auto-enrolment into Employee Capital Plans (PPK) by the end of February 2023. They also have to start making contributions for the employees starting from 1 April 2023. Please find below a presentation in English which explains what the so-called re-auto-enrolment in PPK will consist of in practice. 

We kindly remind you that so-called re-auto-enrolment applies to individuals who have made a declaration to opt out of making PPK contributions. It will cover both those who made this declaration before they were 'enroled’ in the program, as well as PPK participants who made it while saving in PPK.

However, individuals who will reach the age of 55 before 1 April 2023 will be able to be 'enroled’ into PPK by their employer, or to resume accruing PPK contributions for them – as part of the so-called re-auto-enrolment – only upon their application, submitted by the last day of February 2023. For such employed persons who are not PPK participants, an application to conclude a PPK agreement is required. For PPK participants who have opted out of making contributions while saving in PPK, an application to make PPK contributions is required.


Would you like to know more? Take a look at the materials and guides prepared for employees in English.


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